True crime stories

Michael Duffy has been a journalist who wrote about Sydney for many years. These are just a handful of the cases he has covered.

*Copyright in all stories is retained by the author and the Sydney Morning Herald.

How a stolen mobile phone brought down a brutal killer (24 June 2012)

Anatomy of a bust: the man with the golden gun (6 November 2011)

Mysterious woman with Mona Lisa smile (14 December 2010)

The need for speed (8 May 2010)

Alive and kicking, a quiet achiever of the underworld (16 April 2010)

'Shoot him and put a bullet in her' (12 December 2009)

Call Me Cruel, Call Me Nasty (9 May 2009)

Robbed of more than money (14 February 2009)

Dumb, dumber and their discount prison sentences (25 October 2008)

A never-ending crime (1 March 2008)

Quiet town's tale of guns and greed led to murder (15 December 2007)

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