Location shots

"Working as a journalist around Sydney for twenty years, on and off, has helped give me an idea of how parts of the city work. I wouldn't want to claim too much for the experience -- journalists' knowledge tends to be broad rather than deep -- but even so, we do get to see what goes on behind a lot of walls and fences, and to ask a lot of questions.

"I like to set scenes in places I've been in, professionally or socially, although I don't go in for a lot of detailed description. As a reader I find that sort of thing gets boring pretty quickly. But when writing a scene it helps to have a sense of the place, based on memory. Sometimes I go back for a quick look from the outside and even take a few snaps. These are my location shots for The Tower."
- Michael Duffy

Location shot 1 Maroubra Beach1. Maroubra Beach, in south Sydney, where Troy goes running most mornings. It's an unusual beach, with a lot of public housing nearby and home of the Bra Boys gang.

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